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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4: 136

Good morning!

Morning weigh-in: 136 (BMI: 23.34)
Year so far: 3lbs lost, BMI dropped .52
Left to next goal: 8 pounds

Yesterday (SGD 3): 350 in/531 out = -181 calories

Well... this is okay.  I took a bunch of meds for my back and passed out for 12 hours.  Sometimes when I have days like that I gain, sometimes I lose.  And with all the weight loss from the first couple days, I am not stressing much about reaching my goal.  Still, it is annoying.  Plus I don't know if I'll be able to even walk enough today to get in my calorie burn.  My back is less painful this morning but if I move too much it'll fire up again.  Gahhh.  I *should* rest today.  That way I know I'll be back to normal tomorrow.  Rather than screw up today and be in bed after walking only 30 minutes and get stuck in bed tomorrow too.  If only I had avoided the weight gain when I was first having problems.  Then this wouldn't be such an issue. 

Sighhh.  Well I'm not working out this morning anyway.  I'll rest and if around noon I'm still painfree then I'll get a walk in.  I wish my body didn't hate me so much.

<3 fiend

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