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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wow...slacker much

I can't believe I haven't posted since Jan 4. I'm terrible. Haven't been on the scale in about a week and a half. Getting on Feb 1. Testing myself to see if maybe pure terror of the unknown will motivate me to behave. Honestly, I doubt I've made much progress if any at all. I did take my measurements the other day and I've lost a bit so hopefully that translates to a loss on the scale. Pure terror is just not the way to go and I will never do it again.

About 15.5 hours into my last fast of the month. Gotta end strong to make up for all the times I've screwed up this month. Not a whole lot one can do with two days left but it's something at least.

Still down for the count exercise wise. My knee is finally down to pain free unless of course I walk around for any length of time. Just glad it's feeling better. I am telling myself over and over that I need to wait before working out because if I reinjure it *again* I will have to go to a doctor and be done for who knows how long. Patience and fasting will get me through this.

February needs to be better.

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