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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2:137.4

Good morning loves!!!

Morning weigh-in: 137.4 (BMI: 23.58)
Year so far: 1.6lbs lost, BMI dropped .28
Left to next goal: 9.4 pounds

Yesterday (SGD 1): 400 in/518 out = -118 calories

I'm over the moon right now =).  I did *not* expect to lose 1.6 pounds the first day of the year.  Especially since I barely managed to stay within SGD Day 1.  Going to walk again soon.  Aiming for 400 calories burned.  I'm scaling my calories burned with my intake plans for the time being.  May go for longer if I'm in that workout zone and don't want to stop.  But so long as I get 400 out then I will feel sort of alright about eating 300 throughout the day. 

So now I have 20 days to lose less than 10 pounds.  I'm not going to change my goal 1 deadline regardless of the progress I make in the next few days.  Just in case I hit a plateau.  One can't expect this big a loss every day.  One can hope though hehe.  This is just a great start to the new year! I was so incredibly motivated on new year's eve and to see that motivation bring massive results was rewarding.  I have even more motivation to behave today :).

Hope the new year continues well for you,
<3 fiend

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