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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1: 139.0

Morning loves!!! Happy New Year!!!

Soooo there's my official first weigh in of 2011.  139 pounds.  BMI: 23.86. (I'm 5'4"). Disgusting I know. 

Next goal: 128 (BMI: 21.99)  Deadline: January 21. 

Yesterday's fasting and 2.5 hour walk resulted in a .8 loss so yay for that! I was kinda hoping for a one pound loss but I will take what I get. 

Today is also the first day of yet another attempt at SGD.  I honestly don't know if I intend to finish it but I wanted something structured to start the year.  Especially since I've been fasting/binging and not much else the last two weeks or so.  That means a 400 calorie intake but I'm aiming for 300-350.  Already burned 518 according to my cardio trainer app so yay for that. 

Uploaded my spreadsheet for 2011 to Google Docs.  It will track weight, BMI, intake/burn and measurements.  I may share it if anyone is interested but I will def be posting overall progress reports at least once a month but maybe more.  I figure if I have to be ultra accountable to alllll the people on blogspot and twitter and tumblr that see these posts, I can't just shrug off laziness and cow-like tendencies. 

I wish you all a very happy 2011 and can't wait to see how far we get together!
<3 fiend

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