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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well hello there

Been a few days absent. Sorry loves! Lost a bit more since my last update so yay for that.

Today I had veggie soup after waking up freezing and super hungry. 60 calories. Fasting for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow I have a birthday dinner to go to. Of course it is at a place that doesn't seem to believe in healthy but they have salads so there's some hope I wont gain a million pounds back on. And no alcohol!!! Must not have the empty calories.

Then saturday starts back on fasting since there's only one week till christmas dinner. I can button up my current goal jeans without massive muffin top spillage but they don't fit nearly comfortably enough. Hopefully 5 more pounds does the trick.

Have a great day and stay strong!
<3 fiend
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