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Friday, December 17, 2010


Morning loves!

Getting closer and closer to my goal. I wish it would go faster but I'm staying motivated. My ultimate goal is months away but reaching this goal by my deadline will really help with my mental state. The last few months I've felt like such a weak failure. Seemed like I'd never lose the weight I've put on thanks to letting health issues control my life. Now I know I can do this!

Tonight I will eat. I will order a salad and not eat most of it. Restaurant salads are usually gigantic. Gonna aim for what I think is around 150. Since it's my friend's bday I will act as expected. Sides, 150 isn't bad for a night out. Maybe I'm in denial but it works for me lol.

Not eating until I leave. Not eating tomorrow.

Keep on trucking loves
<3 fiend
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