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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank goodness!!


So at the 50 hour mark of my fast I gave in and had some chicken breast.  Not the absolute worst thing in the world to eat but when you want to fast, everything is evil.  Purged almost immediately afterwards.  But because I did so well the rest of the day at avoiding food, I still lost a lot! I'm just grateful that it was early enough in the day because the amount I didn't get up through the purge was burned off well before I went to bed.  Ashamed that I was doing so well and then just instantly gave it up.  I can't apologize to y'all enough for the failure.  Didn't eat the rest of the day and will not be eating until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.  Hoping to make it through Tuesday but I may have something small if I am scared of binging.

<3 fiend

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