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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why yes...

I am now one of those girls with a ton of pics of half naked skinny chicks on her phone.  Mobile thinspo baby :)

Today is going well.  I've spent most of my day adding to my photobucket since I now have the photobucket app on my phone.  This way I can see all my fav pics on my phone but without them actually being in my phone's memory.  Just a bit safer.  Not much, but still.  Looking at all these beautiful girls with such strong self control is keeping me out of the kitchen.  Doing well for a couple days is really not worth the amount of pride I have right now but I feel like I can actually keep this going through to thanksgiving dinner :D.  I haven't felt this strong in a long time and I could not have done it without my fabulous twitter family. 

I do need to use my tumblr more.  I'm just benefiting from the work put in by everyone else to provide thinspo and not really contributing.  I promise to do better about that.

Everytime I wanna get a small snack I think about what the scale will say in the morning.  Yes my measurements are getting smaller and that makes me happy but I really really really wanna see that stupid number go down.  I'm only going to get that if I buckle down and stay strong.  There's really no excuse for losing this war because I was skinny once before and I know I can get skinny again. 

I have one pair of jeans that are too tight.  I think I'm gonna start trying them on once a week just to remind myself that I'm still fat.  They aren't even a small size so fitting into them is no great achievement.  But for now they are my motivation. 

<3 fiend

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