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Monday, November 22, 2010


Morning loves!!

Yet another day of fun fasting ahead of me.  Nothing but water.  I need to be seriously strict for the next three days.  I am so enjoying this fast finally.  It's past that point where my body takes me subconsciously to the kitchen.  My stomach won't stop growling but I'm enjoying telling it to shut up.  I can totally do this! How's that for positive thinking :).

I am trying to figure out a game plan for post thanksgiving  dinner.  Obviously fasting and sweating will be involved but I'm not sure how long I will fast.  I think I will wait until the post turkey weigh in and judge from there.  I def need to fast until I lose the gazillion pounds mom's fab cooking will pack on.  And prolly for a few days afterwards to get back on track. 

The last few days I've been on a serious emotional rollercoaster and there's nothing going on in my life to explain it.  Guess I'm just going bonkers.  At least I'm starting off today with a good mindset. 

<3 fiend

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