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Sunday, November 21, 2010



My stomach is killing me today.  I thought it was lax caused but those worked their way out of my system and I still hurt.  On the bright side, I don't want to move let alone eat. 

Fasting again today.  I have my babybel supply in case I think I'm going to binge.  It helped so much yesterday.  Almost lost everything I put on in my midnight binge on Thursday.  Still kicking myself for all that backtracking. Especially right before thanksgiving.  I sooo do not have time to be undoing my work.  Def motivated to stay way low on intake this week.  There's a giant turkey in the fridge that is mocking me.  Kinda kills my appetite to see it. 

I wish I could understand how I keep losing inches without losing weight.  I'm not even working out enough to justify saying it's muscle gain.  I'm not going to argue with the results of course, but I'm curious about it.  Fortunately it seems to be focusing on reducing my thighs which are just digustingly huge.  While I wish the number on the scale would go down faster, I'm still happy that I keep visually shrinking.  People will think I have more self control than I do.

<3 fiend

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