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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The sound of horses approaching....

Morning loves!

I can sense tomorrow and the feast it brings.  I'm so incredibly nervous.  This is my first thanksgiving without final exams looming overhead and so I don't have the same urge to binge due to stress.  Now my urge is just because my mom is a really good cook and I know how good dinner is going to be.  I've said on here before that I'm not going to cause a scene or hide or anything.  This is the family's fav holiday and if it means working extra hard and crying myself to sleep because of everything I undid by eating, so be it.  I'm so far from my ultimate goal anyway what's a bit more work.  Buuuut that doesn't mean I plan to eat everything in sight.  I just need to focus and pay attention to what I eat and how much.  Nearly everything made will be healthy so if I manage portion control I shouldn't be in too much trouble with the scale... I hope anyway... This is not supposed to be the stressful part of holidays :(.

Okay so.... yesterday morning the scale hadn't budged but I felt really good because of the workouts I had the other day.  Then I failed at my goal of 15 miles and only hit 10.  But that didn't depress me so much as the fact that I ate...and ate...and ate... In the space of like an hour I had 400 calories.  A little before I passed out the scale didn't show too much damage.  Hopefully all the working out in the last two days counteracted 400 calories but I dunno......... I guess I'll find out in a minute..... At least I just woke up hungry :)

Going to try and get 10 miles in this morning.  Gonna go slow (5mph or so) because I laid down with the start of yet another migraine last night and I would like it to stay away.  Ended up falling asleep almost the minute I stretched out and that was around 7pm so I got loads of sleep and head only vaguely hurts.

I wish you all the best in preparing for tomorrow.

<3 fiend

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  1. I think i'm going to purging a lot tomorrow. i'm nervous the only thing in my mind is the scale