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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Running my cares away

Morning loves!!!

So I got up and ran and then ended up running again later in the day because I felt like a giant pig.  Prolly cuz I am a giant pig... Totalled 13 miles before I couldn't go anymore :).  My normal weigh in time is around 6am so I'm gonna sit up in bed and work on my blog and tumblr and let my phone charge.  I use the Cardio Trainer Pro app on my android and it is amazing so anyone looking for a running app, I recommend it.  It also helps track calories and weight loss and gives you burned cal estimates for other types of exercise. 

Fasting went okay yesterday.  Ended up having another cheese snack mid morning which is why I ran again.  Today should be better.  After running the second time I was so sore and tired that the thought of food was disgusting.  Going to get all 15 in at once I hope so I can get that feeling back.  May do walk/run intervals because I don't know if I can even jog for 15 miles straight.  Longest I've gone is 12 and I pretty much laid on the floor the rest of the day lol. 

Goal is 15 again tomorrow and 20 on turkey day.  Going to develop a post thanksgiving feast plan after actually eating the dinner.  Want to plan based on how little self control I had. 

I will fit into my motivation jeans by Christmas morning.  No matter what that requires of me.  It will happen!

<3 fiend


  1. just seeing them reminds me of what i'm trying to do. trying them on makes me wanna get up and workout again hehe

  2. Is this a picture of you?
    love the thinspiration <3
    xoxo from Paris

  3. ohhh no this is sooo not me. i wish! lol