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Saturday, November 20, 2010

love my bed

Evening loves!

I still have nothing resembling a sleep schedule.  Although getting a new memory foam mattress today may explain why I was asleep at like 5pm lol.  And I'm up again courtesy of the lax I took ages ago but at least they finally started working.  I will eventually get back to normal I think.  At least I'm not sleeping for hours and hours on a regular basis.  Only the post HP coma and 3-5 hours a night on other nights.

The fasting went well.  I did cheat and have a small piece of cheese around noon.  For whatever reason cheese helps calm my cravings and allows me to keep on the serious restricting plan.  Hopefully tomorrow I won't need the cheese but either way it's better than eating and eating and ending up binging. 

Still trying to figure out how to keep a guy friend as just a friend.  Breaks my heart when someone I actually like having in my life goes and acts all flirty and keeps calling and asking me to stuff.  I have never really figured out how to keep dudes as just friends once that happens.  It helps to already be pursuing something with someone else but I'm intentionally single.  And you know, when guys hear "I wanna be single" they start acting really affectionate.  Women may be drama and what not but men aren't any better.  Grr I haven't had this much attention from guys in a long time.  Maybe I shouldn't have announced my proud singleness back in March.  And not from the guys I would actually give a chance either... Nothing but trouble...

<3 fiend

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