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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Morning loves!

Well I've only been fasting for 17 hours now and I've lost almost all my thanksgiving dinner gain :).  I've been doing 1-2 hours jogging 5 days a week.  Not going super fast because I need to build my endurance back up, but there's still loads of calorie burning in it and I'm enjoying it.  Plus my thighs are looking slimmer so yay :D.

I'm *hoping* to fast for 100 hours which would take me to Tuesday night.  I have plans that night with a friend so I'll have to have a salad or soup or something.  Honestly not sure I can make it though.  24-48 hours I can usually accomplish unless I'm forced to eat but I haven't gone 100 hours in over a year.  But I just wanna prove to myself that I'm still tough.  We will see. 

Hope the holiday went well for those of you in the US who celebrated.  And now we can look forward to stressing about christmas.

<3 fiend

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  1. Be strong, girl! I admire your strength, I'm starting a fast as well!
    xoxo from Paris, France