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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back on track


For the first time in what feels like forever I actually slept till a decent hour.  Hopefully this means I'm back on a decent sleep schedule. 

So I have successfully lost allll the weight put on by thanksgiving food and a little bit more :).  Only a gazillion more pounds to go.  I know I'm gaining some muscle back from all the working out which is frustrating in terms of the scale.  I'm fasting and barely losing compared to when I've fasted and sat on my butt in class or work all day.  Buuuut I've lost another .5 inch on my hips and thighs in like a week so even though the scale isn't dropping a lot I'm seeing a skinnier me in the mirror which is always nice.  If only I could wake up and actually be skinny instead of skinnier than yesterday.  But progress is progress.

Supposed to be going shopping today.  Need to get some more knitting supplies.  I feel like a 70 year old lady with a ton of cats and always yelling at those damn kids to get off my lawn.  But knitting keeps me occupied and I like knowing I can actually make something. But I woke up with a migraine again.  Taking meds and icing my neck in the hopes that it goes away soon.  I hate going out amongst the public when I feel like crud. 

Today marks the start of Advent.  We really should put up the tree today...migraine or no.  Can't believe how fast this year is moving.

<3 fiend

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  1. I knit too i always make blankets for my neighbors kids to play i need to get a life.