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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 2 Wrap-up: 500+/500

Welllll I failed but not terribly.  Stopped at about the 500 mark around lunchtime then had a few pieces of candy.  Interesting how little it takes to get a sugar rush when you haven't had candy in ages.  I can't believe I gave in that easily but it's done.  Oh well.  I'm not starting ABC over... I just started.  I need to stick to something for a change.  Yeah I messed up tonight but tomorrow will be better.  I'm trying so hard to keep a positive outlook here lately.  Way harder to do than I expected but if I keep yelling at myself then I'll end up eating more and that's no bueno. 

Tomorrow shouldn't be too hard for me since I feel so guilty today.  Hopefully it motivates me to stay well under 300. 

Think we figured out what's up with my neck.  Apparently you have lymph nodes where your skull and neck meet and mine are swollen.  Rest and ice are helping and I shouldn't need an actual antibiotic.  Fingers crossed because I do not wanna feel like crud for HP7.1 at midnight Thursday night.

 Stupid tootsie rolls...


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